Comments from the children:


“I like the school there is very nice toys. I play with the family toys. Outside I play with the car”


“I do lots of activities, counting, letters and I did spell the words. And I like to read a book in the book corner. In the middle garden I play with all the cars and scooter.”


“I play with the animals basket. And I go to Forest School and do mud painting, find slugs and snails.”


“I love the sand and upstairs I do puzzles. Everything I like to do and I love dressing up with my friends”


Comments from parents:


“We’re very happy at Rosewood, our daughter is so happy there and looks forward to her time at nursery. I like Rosewood because it is a true Montessori nursery. It’s totally child centric and each child is treated as an individual. The environment is calm and ordered and the staff are kind and gentle and genuinely love what they do. The range of different activities and learning tools offer the children so many opportunities to learn and develop their likes and interests.”


“I am more than happy with the care and education provided. I feel my child chose the setting rather than my partner and I, this is key to me. If my child is comfortable and happy it makes it a lot easier for us, knowing he is in his choice of environment that he does truly love and enjoy being in.”


“My child receives excellent and personalised care and attention. We particularly like the way he is engaged at the nursery and constantly given enjoyable activities that expand his knowledge and development. We took the decision to increase the amount of time he spent at the nursery each week because we noticed when he left the nursery, after each session, his language and vocabulary had significantly improved.”


“The care and education my children receive at Rosewood is, by far, outstanding. I particularly like the way personal interests are nurtured and used as learning opportunities in all areas of the curriculum. Very important to me is also the feeling that my children almost receive one-to-one attention and teaching from dedicated teachers who record every little achievement in my children’s daily record cards, which is available for parents to consult.”

“I am very happy with the care and education provided. I particularly like that my child is encouraged in his independence and learning of life skills. He feels understood by the adults, safe in the settings environment and valued as an individual through his interactions at the setting. The environment is set up for children’s needs (shelves, materials etc are all within reach and at child height) and the materials available are educational. The staff and his key worker are excellent in their care of him and there is a system in place for regular communication between the staff and myself regarding his development and interests.”


“We’re feeling very sad that our time at Rosewood is all coming to an end. It has been amazing to see how much both our children just loved being at Rosewood for all of these years and how well they progressed. A massive thank you to yourself [Rosie], the practitioners and students who have helped our children along their journey. They still have a long road ahead, but they couldn’t have been given a better start. All the best for the future. Keep up the great work!”