Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board comments (2016):

Rosewood Montessori Nursery School offers children an exceptional Montessori learning environment. The very well qualified and experienced staff team uses their knowledge of the Montessori principles and ethos to underpin interaction they have with the children in their care. They have developed their practice to a level that allows them to seamlessly integrate the Montessori curriculum with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The owner and her team are inspirational and should be commended for their passion for, and dedication to, offering children an outstanding Montessori experience.

The well planned and executed use of space enables the children to thrive; they are confident and gregarious, they gain great enjoyment from being trusted to freely choose activities of interest to them, and the learning opportunities that are planned to meet their individual interests enchant them and lead them to achieve broad-ranging learning outcomes.

Parents speak very highly of the setting; they particularly value the support they receive from the nursery to enable them to extend their children’s learning and development at home. They enjoy being able to contribute to their child’s planned learning experiences. Staff members recognise parents as being the child’s key educators and work in close partnership with them.

Key persons are responsible for observing and recording their key children’s learning; however, every staff member interacts with and knows each child very well, which enables the whole team to ensure that every child’s needs are met; they see that the children are appropriately challenged and supported and they devise enhanced activities to help children make excellent progress.

The staff team at Rosewood Montessori fully respects the children’s innate need for independence and a “can do” philosophy permeates the whole environment. The adults expertly follow the children’s lead. The children’s self-esteem is very high, and they thrive on knowing that they are trusted to freely engage with the environment; communication skills are well supported and children know that they are learning, as expressed by one child who informed a staff member that he “knew everything”.

The owner and her team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and these children make significant progress at Rosewood Montessori Nursery, as attested by parents.


Ofsted Inspection comments (2018) – Outstanding:

Please click on the following link to read the latest Ofsted Inspection Report – Ofsted Report 2018

“Teaching is consistently of a very high quality and children’s learning is exceedingly well supported. Children make rapid progress from their starting points and some children exceed developmental expectations.”

“The manager and staff use their highly effective knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop to plan activities that enhance children’s current learning. They provide children with an extremely diverse range of learning experiences that motivates and engages them and challenge their own learning.”

“Children benefit from the wealth of interesting learning opportunities outdoors, such as the forest school area. They relish the superb opportunities to play and explore.”

“Partnerships with parents are superb. Parents praise the excellent care, support and learning opportunities the manager and staff provide for their children. Information regarding children’s learning is shared with parents to complement children’s learning at home.”