Not just being a particular way of learning and development, more importantly Montessori principles are concerned with the development of the whole personality, seeing it as the foundation on which everything which follows will be built. Children are active learners and will learn from the environment if it offers appropriate stimuli to their development. Learning is guided by the children’s developmental needs, and flourishes when the children are given time and space to observe, explore and investigate the environment and engage with it. Empathetic practitioners play an active part in engaging children with the favourable environment. They facilitate the child’s need to learn, not only from them, but also from peers and by themselves.


… it aims, in short, at a total development of the personality; a harmonious growth of all the potentialities of the child, physical and mental, according to the laws of its being


The above was taken from the “Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage in Montessori Settings”. This publication can be downloaded from


Good Books

Montessori at Home by Leslie Britton

Bringing the Montessori Approach to your Early Years practice by Barbara Isaacs