At Rosewood Montessori we firmly believe in the benefits of outdoor learning. We have a dedicated Forest School area in the garden that has a variety of exciting and stimulating resources to allow for learning across the curriculum. Forest school sessions take place daily and 3 members of staff are qualified Forest School leaders. We provide the children with waterproof trousers and jackets so that they can be outdoors come rain or shine. Parents are also invited to join in the fun!

The principles of Forest School merge seamlessly with the Montessori philosophy. The child-led sessions allow children the freedom to explore the environment and direct their own experiences based on their interests and needs. As educators we have a deep understanding of our children. With support, encouragement and role-modelling from the adults children’s educational experiences are limited only by their imagination. A taster of just some of the actives the children enjoy include den building, climbing trees, mud cooking, bug hunts, mud painting, creating art with natural resources and clay, using microscopes to look at natural ‘treasure’, measuring with the rain gauge and thermometer.