Fees for Rosewood Montessori – From January 2019

The fees quoted are for the term. There are three terms in the academic year.

Morning sessions are 9:00-12:15 or 9:00-13:00 including lunch.

Afternoon sessions are 12:45-14:45.

A full day is 9:00-14:45.

5 Mornings £1822.00
4 Mornings £1458.00
3 Mornings £1092.00
2 Mornings £728.00
4 Afternoons £930.00
3 Afternoons £691.00
2 Afternoons £486.00
Full time £2575.00
Full time is 5 mornings and 4 afternoons because Nursery closes at 12:15pm on Fridays

NB: it is advisable that  3+ attend at least 5 morning sessions

We are not able to swap sessions. We plan our staffing ratios carefully and must always stay within the ratios.

If a child is absent for any reason (including children’s sickness or family holidays) from a pre-booked session, fees are strictly non-refundable.

A late collection fee of £5.00 will be applied if children are consistently collected late – i.e. (10 mins and more). The fee will apply each time.


Extra Sessions

Occasional Full Day (subject to space and availability) – £18.00

Occasional Lunch Cover – £7 per session until 1.00pm

Regular Lunch Cover – £6.50 per session until 1.00pm

Under’s 3’s start at 9.30 am. A 9.00am start is possible at an extra charge.

Gym – only for children attending certain sessions as the gym only takes place once a week.

Forest School and Yoga are provided at no extra charge



Nursery Grant

A nursery grant is now available for every 3 year old child irrespective of where they live. The funds are available the term after their 3rd birthday.